Busselton farmer’s renewable energy win

A Busselton farmer has not had to pay for any of the energy they used for more than two and a half years after installing a renewable energy device.

Farmer Lucy Stuart helped pioneer a vanadium redox flow battery when she bought a battery for her native tree nursery she owns with her husband Ian.

Ms Stuart said since they had installed the vanadium flow battery, they had not experienced any interruptions to power and had not paid for any power.

The battery was the first vanadium redox flow battery installed in WA and was the first of its type sold by VSUN Energy which markets industrial-grade vanadium redox flow batteries.

Busselton Mail article


Looking beyond lithium-ion in energy storage

VSUN Energy had a small mention in this article from Utility Magazine.  With the focus having been on lithium-ion for energy storage solutions, there is some evidence that energy professionals are now looking to other options such as vanadium redox flow batteries, to provide storage where the ratio of power to energy is 1:4 or greater.

Utility Magazine article

Vanadium redox flow batteries bid for Australia storage trial

Best Mag Energy Storage Publishing

Renewables storage firm VSUN Energy is bidding to use vanadium redox flow (VRFB) batteries in a trial standalone power systems (SPS) project in Western Australia (WA).

WA’s energy minister Ben Wyatt has given the green light for electricity distributor Western Power to conduct the SPS demonstration within part of the state’s South West Interconnected Network— with 60 locations earmarked to take part.

VSUN Energy Targets Stand-Alone Power Systems Project

VSUN Energy Targets Stand-Alone Power Systems Project

  • VSUN Energy has submitted a registration of interest to Western Power for its Stand-alone Power Systems project
  • 60 locations in regional Western Australia have been identified by Western Power
  • Western Australian Energy Minister, Ben Wyatt, has given permission for Western Power to conduct this large demonstration project
  • Vanadium redox flow batteries are becoming a key technology in the global energy story

AVL ASX announcement

CellCube VRB installation at Bussleton, Western Australia.

VSUN Energy part of Australia’s battery innovation

VSUN Energy mentioned in the news, we’re not currently developing a vanadium flow battery, but we are working with a variety of manufacturers to increase the adoption of this Australian-invented technology into the Australian energy storage market:

A wider range of storage systems

We are now able to offer vanadium energy storage systems from a range of manufacturers. Sizes start at the 5kW-15kWh residential solution and go through to multiple megawatt solutions.

For energy storage where you need hours of stable energy supply, talk to us about how we can help.

All-Energy Australia 2017

Event name All-Energy Australia 2017
Details VSUN Energy is proud to be exhibiting at the All-Energy Australia Expo and Conference 2017. Taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, this free-to-attend, business-to-business conference and exhibition will open up a world of opportunities for the clean energy sector.

The conference showcases the contribution of renewable energy, clean energy, sustainability and energy efficiency into Australia’s energy mix, creating pathways to a cleaner and alternative energy future. This year’s conference covers renewable and clean energy policy, technology, finance, economics and project development across five streams including solar, energy efficiency, wind energy, energy storage, bioenergy and more. It also includes additional sessions for professional development and training run by the Clean Energy Council.

VSUN Energy will be working in partnership with EPC expert Metrowest and manufacturer GILDEMEISTER to showcase the CellCube vanadium flow battery.  The energy storage system provides 4+ hours of energy in a robust, scalable, non-flammable battery with built-in inverters and battery management system.

Date 11-12 October 2017
Place Melbourne Exhibition and Exhibition Centre
City Melbourne
Country Australia