Vanadium flow batteries and solar PV (photovoltaic) systems

Our energy solutions installed either with a partner solar provider, or directly with our customer, fit perfectly with solar park project solutions – from planning to system implementation to operations. This includes the precise assessment of customer needs, a detailed installation plan, GPS-assisted measurement of solar PV (photovoltaic) tracking systems and minimisation of potential power loss caused by shading.

The photovoltaic systems are installed and put into operation in cooperation with certified partner companies and organised in accordance with a pre-defined project plan.


Flow battery installations and solar power

Most flow battery installations used in large megawatt installations are combined with a solar panel system. This makes perfect sense as you need a cheap source to generate electric energy. Whilst large in size, these powerful flow batteries can be transported to any location within Australia.

Australia lies in the perfect geographical location to provide sufficient solar energy for the solar panels to charge VFBs. The systems can hold hours of electric power which can be used during peak times to avoid penalty tariffs and save a small fortune.

If your business is located in an area where power failures occur, these solar panel/VFB combinations can be a real saviour. The solar and battery backup system can easily get you through a few hours of total power failure and potentially avoid costly loss of production.

VFBs offer an uninterruptible supply of power. They are available with power ratings from 10 kW and a scalable energy capacity into the MWh range. Base load coverage, power peak limiting and safeguarding of sensitive areas can be guaranteed at all times.