The vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) is considered to be a milestone in the history of regenerative energy management, well suited to many sustainable energy applications.

Whether in combination with solar PV (photovoltaic), wind power, biogas generators or in parallel operation – the VRFB ensures uninterrupted power supply.

The vanadium redox flow battery is independent of weather and temperature fluctuations, length of day and unstable grids.

The range of VRFBs we offer have a reference showing the number of kilowatts of power output and the number of kilowatt hours of storage.

A 10/40, for example, is a flow battery with 10kW of power and 40kWh of storage with the ability to provide the 10kW for 4 hours; a 250/2000 is a flow battery with 250kW of power output and 2000kWh (2MWh) of storage with the ability to deliver 250kW of power for 8 hours.

  • High level of safety, non-flammable, non-explosive
  • Virtually unlimited cyclisation
  • Scalable system through a parallel connection of multiple batteries
  • 100% capable of deep discharge cycles
  • Turnkey energy storage in a weatherproof and tamper-proof housing
  • Up to 86% round-trip efficiency
  • Integrated system solution, including specially adapted inverters, thus giving access to various energy sources.
  • Optional remote or online maintenance
  • Central temperature management
  • Optimal operational performance as a result of smart battery management
  • Vanadium is environmentally-friendly and recyclable
  • Spontaneous response to load demand