Ensure a stable, secure energy supply for telecommunications

The telecommunications industry places high demands on the reliability and security of electricity supply to their systems. This is because the services offered by the companies in this industry, such as mobile communications, must also be provided on a sustainable and continuous basis.

This must also be reflected in the power supply. VSUN Energy fulfils this requirement by integrating solar and/or diesel, with the VFB storage system, guaranteeing a reliable and sustainable supply of power for the telecommunications industry.


The intelligent energy management system significantly reduces supply and site costs and provides environmental and economic added value compared to conventional diesel generators.

The VFB storage system can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any system, and it is independent of climatic conditions.

As a result, green energy is available at any time, anywhere.

Potential telecommunications applications include the use of Vanadium Flow Batteries:

  • as a replacement for high-maintenance and environmentally hazardous battery systems and diesel generators
  • to stabilise weak, unstable power grids
  • as off-grid solution in areas without connection to the grid
  • as a suitable means of energy for all signal transmission stations
  • as a scalable solution for locations with multiple operators

The advantages of using a VFB include:

  • reduction in the total operating costs
  • elimination or mitigation of the effects of constant increases in diesel prices
  • ease of integration into DC telecommunications infrastructure
  • elimination of service and maintenance cost of obsolete storage solutions
  • environmentally friendly and reusable components
  • ease of integration into standard online and remote maintenance systems
  • high temperature tolerance