Pellworm, Germany
CellCube FB200-1600

Self Sufficient Power Supply

An island is quickly becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy. As part of the E.ON flagship project ‘SmartRegion Pellworm’, the CellCube 200-1600 is helping ensure self-sufficiency in power supply to the North Sea island of Pellworm.

Every year, the inhabitants of Pellworm generate 22.5 million kWh from renewable energy sources. This is about three times more than the electricity needed to cover the island’s power supply.

In order to keep energy at hand in large quantities even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing, the energy management system CellCube – with a capacity of 1.6MWh and 100% capable of deep discharge – stores the energy generated from renewable sources and delivers it on demand.