VRFB for Residential Use

Update – the SCHMID EverFlow® Compact Storage systems don’t currently have an Australian-compliant inverter for grid attached systems.  We can assist with off-grid settings and will provide updates about the on-grid options as they become available.

We offer SCHMID’s EverFlow® Compact Storage systems for residential use for off-grid settings.  The batteries come in three sizes, the CS5-15 with 5kW of power and 15kWh of energy storage, the CS5-30 with 5kW of power and 30kWh of energy storage and the CS5-45 with 5kW of power and 45kWh of energy storage.

VRFB characteristics include being non-flammable, having a long life span with minimal degradation over the 20+ year lifespan and being able to store 4+ hours of energy.  This would give the homeowner an energy storage solution which enables them to utilise the energy generated in the day during the night.


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