Vanadium redox flow batteries for residential use

VSUN Energy is currently unable to offer a grid-attached VRFB for residential use. This is due to the lack of VRFBs at this scale with integrated CEC-approved inverters. For off-grid settings see below.

VRFB characteristics include being non-flammable, having a long life span with minimal degradation over 20+ years and the ability to store 4+ hours of energy.  This would give the homeowner an energy storage solution which enables them to utilise the energy generated in the day during the night.

We offer Avalon Battery’s 10kW/40kWh compact VRFB for off-grid households. This unit is currently used in commercial applications and can also be used in larger residential sites. It is a 3-phase battery primarily designed for larger projects and is installed in a modular fashion to enable scaling.

For a purely residential focused VRFB, VSUN Energy is working with a variety of manufacturers and is hoping to be able to offer a suitable product in 2020.