VSUN Energy Pty Ltd is a subsidiary company of Australian Vanadium Limited (ASX: AVL)

Australian Vanadium Limited is an emerging vanadium producer with a high-grade deposit located at Gabanintha, near Meekatharra in Western Australia.

Energy storage capacity is expected to grow to 185 GWh over the next few years alone. Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries are conservatively expected to capture 30% of this market, particularly in the large-scale commercial and grid-scale storage markets. This market share is anticipated due to the unique scalability and multiple deep-cycling features of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries.

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The establishment of VSUN Energy, in collaboration with established renewable energy companies that have excellent experience in the installation of residential and commercial solar PV systems throughout Australia, allows AVL vertical integration opportunities for mutually beneficial arrangements for vanadium supply and consumption once Gabanintha is in production. In addition, AVL is planning to construct a commercial vanadium electrolyte plant to supply VSUN Energy’s electrolyte demand from battery installations.

Energy storage solutions such as vanadium flow batteries are the perfect storage answer as they are truly scalable, have a long lifespan, are safe and can be cost-effective when compared to escalating power prices, to that end:

VSUN Energy offers Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries from a wide range of manufacturers.