The CellCube vanadium redox flow battery is the perfect solution for commercial & industrial applications

With capacities of 1000, 1500 and 2000 kWh and discharge power output starting at 250kW, CellCubes offer huge energy reserves for power failures or to cover peak demand.


To stabilise low and medium voltage systems, as an energy reserve, or to smooth out output spikes (management of load and production peaks).


Use as inline UPS system with frequency and amplitude decoupling; state-of-the-art system safety.


Use as a buffer to stabilise energy output and fluctuations, higher performance security through energy reserves in times of reduced performance.


Investment protection: CellCube ensures constant energy feed even after the wind or solar park has been written off.

Vanadium Reflow Batteries for Commercial & Industrial Use

The large-scale storage system CellCube FB 250-1000, based on the vanadium redox flow technology, is the perfect solution for commercial and industrial use.

With capacities of 1000 kWh scalable in multiples and a power rating of 250 kW, expandable to many times that amount, the CellCube provides large energy reserves to cover power failures or limit peak loads. Whether in combination with photovoltaic systems, wind power plants, diesel, gas or biogas generators, or operated in parallel to the public grid, CellCube is the optimal backup solution to provide uninterrupted power supply.

The stationary large energy storage system provides an emission-free energy supply, efficiently, safely and independent of weather, climatic or other intermittent factors

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