VSUN reveals rollout of redox flow battery technology

PV Magazine Australia

The suitability of vanadium redox flow battery technology for Australian residential and commercial applications is set to be tested with Perth-based energy storage company VSUN Energy planning to deploy three 5 kW/30 kWh flow batteries.

Western Australian (WA) company VSUN Energy has revealed plans to install three vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) supplied by Singaporean manufacturer V-Flow Tech as it looks to further develop the market for the battery storage technology in Australia.

VSUN, a subsidiary of Perth-based mining company Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL), has confirmed the first three VRFBs supplied to it by Singaporean partner V-Flow Tech will arrive in Fremantle later this month. VSUN said the vanadium electrolyte required for the 5 kW/30 kWh VRFBs has been sourced and will be installed when the batteries arrive in Australia.

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