Australian Vanadium signs flow battery project development MoU

Energy Storage 

Australian Vanadium, a startup looking to establish a vertically integrated vanadium flow battery business, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with developer North Harbour Clean Energy (NHCE).

NHCE is focused on developing long-duration energy storage capacity at pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) and vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) sites, having identified strong fundamental market drivers for the technologies as Australia moves away from fossil fuels.

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Australia’s lithium, vanadium battery value chain gets share of AU$243m government funding

Energy Storage 

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced financial support for four technology sector manufacturing projects in the country, including a vanadium processing plant.

Morrison said during a speech at an industry event in Western Australia that AU$243.6 million (US$177.47 million) in funding will support efforts to establish a homegrown value chain for critical minerals, batteries and electric vehicles.

It is part of his government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative, a drive to put a total of AU$1.3 billion investment into the economy.

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VSUN Energy to Install VRFB at Water Corporation Site

Battery Industry

Australian Vanadium Limited  (“AVL”) has announced that its 100% owned subsidiary VSUN Energy will be installing a 5kW/30kWh vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) for use on a trial basis at Water Corporation’s innovation hub in Shenton Park, WA at its Water, Research and Innovation Precinct. The VRFB will initially be trialled for use on a mobile water purification unit and will provide 100% renewable power to the system via a solar PV and VRFB standalone power system (SPS).

VSUN Energy will be working with Water Corporation to test, collect data and provide suitable options for potential future use cases for VRFBs throughout Water Corporation’s operations. Of particular interest are remote pumping applications and for supplying power to remote offgrid energy loads, currently powered by diesel generators.

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VSUN eyes vanadium batteries as EV charging stations

The West Australian

A subsidiary of Australian Vanadium has completed the first phase of a trial of battery technology that could deliver a network of green charging stations for electric vehicles.

VSUN Energy is using small solar-powered vanadium redox flow batteries as EV charging stations that can be set up anywhere in Australia.

The 5-30 kilowatt-hour units can handle all the requirements of EV charging but can also be scaled to suit domestic use and large grid-scale industrial and agricultural purposes.

VSUN Energy’s business development manager Zamien Sumich described vanadium redox flow batteries as the “missing piece of the renewable energy jigsaw”.

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WA nickel mine taps vanadium flow battery to go 100 per cent renewable

One Step Off the Grid

A nickel, copper and cobalt mine in Western Australia’s Fraser Range will shift its power supply from diesel gen-sets to a hybrid clean energy system backed by a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB), a mix that it hopes will take the mine’s operations to 100% renewables for most of the time.

ASX-listed Australian Vanadium Limited announced the plans on Thursday, as part of a deal with ASX100 listed miner IGO Limited, which owns the Nova Nickel Operation, north of Esperance, near Western Australia’s south coast.

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VSUN reveals rollout of redox flow battery technology

PV Magazine Australia

The suitability of vanadium redox flow battery technology for Australian residential and commercial applications is set to be tested with Perth-based energy storage company VSUN Energy planning to deploy three 5 kW/30 kWh flow batteries.

Western Australian (WA) company VSUN Energy has revealed plans to install three vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) supplied by Singaporean manufacturer V-Flow Tech as it looks to further develop the market for the battery storage technology in Australia.

VSUN, a subsidiary of Perth-based mining company Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL), has confirmed the first three VRFBs supplied to it by Singaporean partner V-Flow Tech will arrive in Fremantle later this month. VSUN said the vanadium electrolyte required for the 5 kW/30 kWh VRFBs has been sourced and will be installed when the batteries arrive in Australia.

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Australian Vanadium to fast-track manufacture of flow batteries

PV Magazine

Western Australian company Australian Vanadium Limited has been awarded $3.69 million in federal government funding to fast-track manufacturing of large-scale vanadium redox flow battery systems that can be used to support rooftop solar PV or in off-grid settings such as mining, agriculture and remote communities.

VSUN Energy is a 100% owned subsidiary of ASX listed Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX: AVL)

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Perth Company Develops Home Energy Storage Battery

Perth News Co.

Perth startup VSUN Energy is developing a home battery storage system that could help Australian households become independent of the electricity grid.

The residential Vanadium Flow Battery promises to revolutionise how households capture and store energy. The technology could mean suburban Australian homes become independent of the electricity grid.

The batteries are designed to be linked to household solar panels, now commonly seen on the roofs of millions of Australian homes.

The storage systems will help homes stay off the grid completely overnight or when the sun isn’t shining. The batteries are designed to capture and feedback electricity in down times for many hours.

The vanadium batteries are designed to last at least 20-years and are non-flammable.

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