VRFB Technical Specifications

Flexible and modular energy storage systems based on vanadium redox flow battery technology. Power and energy can be scaled separately. Robust systems ready to be worked hard. Each manufacturer’s technical information differs slightly, please contact us for specifics:

Performance and Energy CellCube FB 10/20/30kWCellCube FB 250kW
Nominal charge output10/20/30kW250kW
Nominal discharge output10/20/30kW250kW
Capacity of the energy storage system40/70/100/130kWh1000/2000kWh
Battery and system voltageCellCube FB 10/20/30kWCellCube FB 250kW
Output voltage option-48 VDC; 120 VAC; 230 VAC (1-phase); 400 VAC (3-phase)400 V/480 V (MV output optional)
Reaction timegrid-independent: < 20 ms, remote converter: < 3 msgrid-independent: < 20 ms, remote converter: < 3 ms
Control systemCellCube FB 10/20/30/250kW
Control via external interfacesserial, TCP/IP, bus systems
MonitoringCellCube FB 10/20/30/250kW
Condition detection via remote monitoring and emailCharge level, available energy, charge/discharge power output and more
EfficiencyCellCube FB 10/20/30kWCellCube FB 250kW
Charge/discharge cycle DC (cell)up to 85%up to 85%
Multi-stage management reduces power losses3 independent, switchable circuits with energy-efficient pump control system4 independent, switchable circuits with energy-efficient pump control system
Self-dischargeCellCube FB 10/20/30kWCellCube FB 250kW
Self-discharge in standby**< 150W<250W
Self-discharge in tanknegligible (< 1% per year)negligible (< 1% per year)
Size and weightCellCube FB 10/20/30kWCellCube FB 250kW
Dimensions L x W x H4.66 x 2.2 x 2.42m13.8 x 5.8 x 5.8m
Gross weight (filled condition)7 - 14t140t
Climatic operating conditions
Standard operating conditions-15°C to +45°C outdoor temperature
Extended operating conditions (optional)-40°C to +50°C outdoor temperatures
CapacityDoDCyclesUsable energy [kWh]COE [$/kW]